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"Greetings From the North" print 2018

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28″ x 40″ in vintage magazine collage

-artist signed and individually numbered series of 150

-printed on high-quality archival paper*

-This really large and insanely elaborate collage took me 6 months to design and create. Each letter contains a different aspect of my favorite state, and is made entirely from collaged paper. On close inspection, there are many areas of Minnesota-specific text and lots of little hidden images. It was proudly displayed at the 2018 Minnesota State Fair where it quickly sold. Lucky for you, prints are available. I hear you saying- "But Nate, isn't $240 a little steep for a poster?" I would say yes, yes it most certainly is. But this my friend is not a flimsy poster. It's a very large super high-resolution fine art print on a high quality paper, and you're going to love it. Or maybe not, but I sure hope you do.

*highest-quality printing on 100% cotton rag archival paper (meaning it will not deteriorate or fade when kept in appropriate conditions for quite some time- as in hundreds of years. Either way, you’ll most likely be dead.) The print has zero visible pixels, and is indistinguishable from the original.

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